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Early Lead For MAYHEM 9U Sets Stage For Victory Over Dodgers Nation

MERRICK MAYHEM 9U defeated Dodgers Nation 9U 15-9 thanks to a strong start. MERRICK MAYHEM 9U scored on a walk by MAX H, a triple by BRYCE F, a single by DYLAN R, a walk by NATHAN F, an error, an error, a walk by ISAAC D, and a walk by ANDREW P in the first inning.

MERRICK MAYHEM 9U collected five hits and Dodgers Nation 9U had eight in the high-scoring affair.

Dodgers Nation 9U scored three runs in the fifth inning. The big inning for Dodgers Nation 9U came thanks to a single by Neuman and a double by Lojan.

LOGAN M led the MERRICK MAYHEM 9U to victory on the pitcher's mound. LOGANsurrendered six runs on five hits over two and two-thirds innings, striking out three. GAVIN Jand NOAH W entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief.

Neuman was on the pitcher's mound for Dodgers Nation 9U. Neuman surrendered ten runs on two hits over one inning, striking out two. Cassano and Finelli entered the game as relief, throwing two and a third innings and two-thirds of an inning respectively.

MERRICK MAYHEM 9U collected five hits. DYLAN and BRYCE each managed multiple hits for MERRICK MAYHEM 9U. BRYCE and DYLAN each collected two hits to lead MERRICK MAYHEM 9U. BRYCE led MERRICK MAYHEM 9U with three stolen bases, as they ran wild on the base paths with eight stolen bases.

Dodgers Nation 9U tallied eight hits on the day. Bernardo and Lojan all managed multiple hits for Dodgers Nation 9U.


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